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Nosara springs wellness and retreat center

Our Mission and Pillars

Knowledge - Awareness - Sustainability - Growth - Happiness


It is our honor and blessing to be caretakers of a piece of the sacred land in Nosara Springs, Costa Rica. 


Our intention is to align ourselves with Pura Vida meaning pure energy and good life, to leave a light imprint on the Earth, and to be kind to the land and all living creatures in the building and sustaining of Nosara Springs Retreat Center.  


We are committed to creating this Costa Rica retreat center to offer wellness retreats and experiences to help people learn, raise their consciousness, experience life more purely, and align their natural energies with the natural energies of Nosara, Costa Rica.


Buildings and spaces will be built in harmony with our surroundings.
There are composting systems and additional gardens to support a natural lifestyle of eating pure organic food in its most natural state.  


This will help our visitors' energy to flourish with live, fresh foods full of Prana (life force) directly from the land to support a long, healthy, and happy life.


It is our humble honor to be part of this vision and mission to serve humanity and become radiant beacons of light in the world that will go beyond our personal lives and lay the groundwork for many generations to come.

Retreats are designed to give us SPACE from the jobs, relationships and lives that can cloud our daily lives, purpose and meaning.

Give yourself a gift: the present moment.

- Marcus Aurelius


Our center has been developed keeping in mind the serene natural setting of Costa Rica, dancing in between the market and the mountain temple..

We offer pre-made lifestyle retreats and custom-built experiences based on needs of the individual or the group.

Why Nosara, Costa Rica?

Nosara offers just about anything for individuals or groups looking to create expansive and immersive experiences.

Close to nature, there are hundreds of acres of preserved land thru ought Nosara and surrounding areas.

Magic, in the sense that you will leave understanding the magic that happens in Nosara, from deep awakening to childlike joy, you will find it in Nosara.

Want to retreat with us?


Playa Pelada - Nosara

The Nosara Springs Wellness center is located in Playa Pelada, Nosara in Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula, one of world's five Blue Zones!

Blue Zones are distinct regions and communities around the world where the residents live significantly longer lives than the general population and have low rates of age-related illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. 

Many researchers point to the similar lifestyles of these communities—despite being widespread across the world—as a reason for their shared traits. These communities eat rich, plant-based diets, lead active lifestyles, and  possess a strong sense of community. 

It is because of the high concentration of centenarians in the Blue Zones that people looking to live a longer, fuller, and more meaningful life turn to these communities for inspiration. 


It was this desire to raise our consciousness and live more connected to nature that the Nosara Springs Wellness Center was opened in the Nicoya Peninsula. 


In addition to yoga experiences and wellness practices and to support the immersion into Pura Vida,  our visitors can hike on nature paths directly from the retreat center to the Pacific Ocean for long walks on the beach and spectacular sunsets. These all create an atmosphere in which to access a much deeper level of Being.




The Nosara Spring Wellness Center location was selected to provide our visitors with supreme Costa Rica experience. Our Casitas are a quick walk to the beach and the mountains so you can enjoy all of Costa Rica's natural offerings, and the Nicoya Peninsula has numerous offerings to completement your experience such as local food, shops, and activities.



Dozens of local restaurants ranging from seafood to pizza's, beachfront to cantina.

Playa Pelada


Rocky and beautiful, sunsets made of gold and amazing swimming

Playa Guiones


Surfers paradise, spacious beach, bike paths and almond tree's

Nature Trails


Maintained trails riddle thru-out Nosara

Horse Stables


Local stables for horseback riding and those who want to train

Adventure & Sports


Tennis, Surfing, SUP, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Climbing, ATV tours and more

Service Central


5 minutes to local banks, shops, hardware, mechanics, veggie store and more

Wellness Services


Massage, reiki, pilates, breathwork and much more..



15 minutes from Nosara airport
2 hours from Liberia airport
45 minute charter from SJO

Design and Concept

Orion Rex / Concept / Design / Owner

Here at Nosara Springs Wellness, we set out to design a wellness and retreat center that focuses on awareness, conscious living, and sustainability.

Casitas and buildings throughout NSWC will have sustainable elements implemented such as solar power, rain water catchment, grey water reclaim, composting septic systems, and more.

Local flora such as coconut, mango, papaya, and flowering plants will be added to provide edible foods and beneficial plants to the property.

Leading by example, Nosara Springs Wellness hopes that others will see the methodology and adapt it to their own standards of building in harmony with the surrounding jungle.

Houses, Studios and Event space


Each casita built within will have its own unique personality while also adhering to conservation and sustainable practices.


The units are available to rent for retreats and wellness programs for individuals and groups.

Casa Dragonfly

Casa Serenity

Sleeps 2-4 guests

2 bedroom 2 bath

Full kitchen and front deck space with outdoor shower

2 King beds or 4 single beds

Sleeps 1-3 guests
Loft house with covered porch area
Full bathroom, private outdoor shower, and full kitchen

1 Queen and 1 single bed

Casa Rainbow Bridge

Treasure Chest

Sleeps 2-4 guests

2 bedroom 2 bath house
Large balcony and full kitchen

2 King beds or 4 single beds

Sleeps 1-2 guests

Studio apartment
Double bed, full bathroom
Small porch area

Glamping Nomad

Casa Manadalas

Sleeps 1 guests

Single bed
Outdoor kitchen
Shared shower and bathroom

Sleeps 2-4 guests
2 bedroom 2.5 bathroom
Two Queen beds
Full kitchen & Large porch area

Outdoor Space

Indoor Shala

Can Accommodate up to 30 people

Large outdoor space with kitchen and bathrooms

Tables, pillows, seating and more available...

Large grassy area and firepit for events
Jungle Jym built out

Can accommodate 10-15 people.

Enclosed and air conditioned
Yoga mats and wellness props available

Private for intimate events
Regular classes available


On site amenities


Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor composting toilets and showers
Washer and dryer
Bolsters, Blocks, Blankets, Mats, Pillows
High speed Starlink Internet systems
Cleaning services

Shared shower and bathroom

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