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Nosara springs wellness and retreat center

To Embark on a Retreat, what does it mean?

Retreats offer the space and time to learn or experience outside of that which confines us.. 
Retreats can give us clarity and the catalyst that we may need to create change...
To retreat in this manner does not mean to run away, simply to integrate in a supportive space...

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New Year Dec 28 - Jan 1

Yoga, Music and Transformation in Nosara
“Retreating” is nice, but we think the world needs more people who are ready to RISE. That’s why our Uprise “retreat” is a celebration of life, community, and stepping into your power to live the 2025 year of your dreams.

Rejuvenate in the blue zone

Playa Pelada in Nosara, Costa Rica is located in one of the world’s “Blue Zones” - with the highest percentage of people living the longest lives. The combination of sun, salt water, and organic nourishment from our retreat chefs will be the health reset that your body is craving post-holidays.

Celebrate the messiness of being alive

One of our favorite things to say in class: it’s the discomfort that reminds us we’re fully alive. Will we step out of our “comfort zones” together in Nosara? YES - and done in the most celebratory way, we will unleash our creative potential by overcoming fear of failure or inadequacy and simply celebrating what it means to be HUMAN, and healing.

Dive deep into somatic experiences

When we combine somatic movement or dance with live music, we hijack our brain & body chemistry to fast-track our healing on a DEEP level. Letting ourselves become immersed in these practices for 5 days is your rapid path to transformation, held in sacred space by highly experienced guides.

May 17-24 2025

This week long retreat is for the adventurer and the nature lover, designed to reconnect to your inner child and return you to inspiration thru exploration of the local areas.
Tapping into the nature and adventure of Nosara this is a perfect taste of what Nosara has to offer...


Group & individual retreat experiences available.

Wellness Nosara

May 31 - June 7 2025

A Nosara sampler of the wellness community, morning meditations followed by afternoons of nature and relaxation. Healthy food and supplements support a balanced lifestyle mentally, physically and spiritually.

Group & individual retreat experiences available.

Surfing Nosara

June 2025