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Nosara springs wellness and retreat center

Want to book our event space?

Our event space is perfect for dinner events, dance parties, wedding receptions, workshops and just about anything the imagination can stir up...

Depending on the type of event you would like to host there are different prices...

Event space includes the white stone areas, fire pit, bathrooms, shower, outdoor kitchen and amenities.

On site logistics include pre/post cleaning, facilities, towels, consumables etc..

1.5 Hour Rental - $50

Half Day Rental - $200

Full Day Rental - $350


Event Collaboration
30/70 Split - You run the event and we take care of on site logistics.

50/50 Split - We provide everything needed for the event, you simply show up and facilitate

Available Times and Dates

Jan - May 6:30am - 10pm
May - July Reserved for retreats/events
July - November 6:30am -10pm

November - Jan Reserved for retreats/events

Additional on site services

Bon fire creation - Front of the door staff - Food and Beverage services - Hardware/Technical Consult

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