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Nosara springs wellness and retreat center

Retreats offer the space and time to learn or experience outside of that which confines us.. 
Retreats can give us clarity and the springboard that we may need to create change...
To retreat in this manner does not mean to run away, simply to integrate in a supportive space...

Retreat, what does it mean?

2024-25 Retreats Available at Nosara Springs Wellness

Adventure Nosara

This retreat is for the adventurer and the nature lover, designed to reconnect to your inner child and return you to inspiration.

The retreat is available for,
Groups &

Both include the following,

7 Nights stay at NSW in one of our casitas.
All Food, Snacks, Juices and Outings.
Morning time strength building and mental awareness.
Evening Breathwork and focus classes

Opening + closing fire ceremonies

Dance and sound healing experience 
Free time for ala-cart services

Explore the town of Nosara, meet locals.

Nature hikes, waterfalls and more...

Group Retreat 5-15 people

Groups of Adventurer's unite to create an extraordinary experience, shared and private rooms available.


November 2024
May 2025

November 2025


$500 Deposit to reserve

$1600 - $2000
(depending on accommodation's)

Individual Retreat 1-2 people

Individual retreats are great for close friends, family or lovers... Single shared, queen and king suites available.

January - March 2025

Individual Retreat - $2200-2500

(depending on accommodations)

Lake Center Yoga Retreat 2024
May 4-11

A yoga retreat is meant to do more than deepen your yoga practice.

It is a structured and immersive experience where we come together to practice yoga and meditation in a natural and rejuvenating environment. We also explore more healthy eating practices and making stronger daily life choices to enhance our overall experience.

Being in Nosara Springs, we are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and we can fully relate to the nature around us.

The primary focus of a yoga retreat is to provide participants with an opportunity to connect with their inner selves and promote overall well-being.


We are close to many nature paths and hikes and just a 10-minute walk to the beach. There are numerous outdoor adventures for you to partake in from ziplining through the jungle, horseback riding, surfing, biking, and more.

Other activities include cooking classes, farmer’s markets, local merchants, and more.


The Nosara Springs Wellness Center features four casitas (houses) were built in harmony with nature and the land. We will also be adding a central yoga deck & planting gardens to support a natural lifestyle, healthy eating, and having a low impact on the damage to the environment.

We encourage retreats of a smaller size—right now between 2-6 later after the yoga deck is built 10-20 people.  These smaller type retreats will enhance the personal attention each person receives from the leaders.

Want to retreat with us?

At Nosara Springs Wellness, we offer you fully customizable wellness retreat packages in the most natural and spiritual setting you can imagine. 


Our retreat center and each of the casitas was designed and constructed to fit perfectly with the surrounding jungle and beaches in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica—one of the world’s five Blue Zones. 


No matter what adventure or journey you’re looking for, our landscape and services help you reach a new level of consciousness and begin a path toward more meaningful living. 


We are excited and honored for you to join us, and our intention is to make this experience as smooth as possible for you. From the moment your curiosity is sparked, to logistics and travel, to tailoring your retreat experience to match your exact needs, we’ve got you covered. 


We understand that there can be many unknown factors when traveling to a foreign country, and our aim is to guide you every step of the way. 


Our retreat center has five housing units available and can accommodate up to 15 people. Each unit is available to book on its own as well. If your retreat size exceeds the maximum capacity of our accommodations, we’d be happy to help you find nearby housing.


We recommend booking your wellness retreat at least 4-6 months prior to ensure availability for all vendors.


Build Your Own Retreat

One of the things we are most proud to offer our visitors is the opportunity to design their own wellness retreat here in Costa Rica. Some people may be intimidated by a yoga retreat schedule if they’ve never been before, which is why we let you choose the activities, so you can truly embrace the experience without feeling overwhelmed.


Tell us what activities appeal to you the most, the number of guests you’re expecting, and experience level, and we’ll design a custom retreat itinerary for you. 


We also welcome instructors and retreat leaders with the proper certifications to plan their own adventure and bring it to Nosara Springs.

Customize your retreat fully...

Art - Yoga - Surf - Adventure - Nature - Spiritual



1-2 People - 3-7 days



5-15 People - 5-7 days



Half Day / Full Day / Multi Day

Create your own Costa Rica experience or connect with us to select the appropriate activities. We have relationships with many local yoga teachers, chefs, surfing instructors, wellness coaches, and more to complete your retreat experiences. 


We welcome groups celebrating all occasions and looking to deepen their connections to their inner spirits and to the world's natural energy. We ask that all our visitors share in our mission to honor and respect nature.

Services Available

We have a wide array of incredible local teachers in various disciplines to fill your time with us in Costa Rica. We’re happy to help match your group with the right instructors so your time here is as beneficial as possible.



Nosara is home to numerous yoga teachers with a variety of backgrounds and specialties. Vinyasa, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, Restorative, and more yoga practices are all available at all levels. Classes can be customized to your needs.

Energy Healing


Choose from a variety of energy healing practitioners in the areas of reiki, breathwork, and sound healing journeys. Remember to take time for spiritual growth while you’re with us in such a natural, distraction-free setting.

Massage & Body Work


There is no place like Nosara Springs to partake in a soothing and calming massage. Choose from many massage therapists who offer deep tissue, Thai, Swedish, holistic, and more practices to help you relax physically and mentally.



We’re happy to connect with the culture of Costa Rica to offer Cacao ceremonies, Moon & Shamanic ceremonies, microdosing ceremonies, and Chinese tea ceremonies. All of our ceremonies are centered around meditation practices



We have numerous personal chefs and catering companies who all focus on harvesting local foods and nutrients. We can accommodate all allergies and diet restrictions or sensitivities. Cooking workshops are also available.

Off-Site Offerings

The Nosara Springs Wellness Center has everything you could need for your visit with us in Costa Rica, and there are even more options at your fingertips just outside our grounds. Take your Costa Rica retreat to a new level with any of these additional selections.

  • Bike and ATV rentals

  • Horseback riding

  • Surfing lessons

  • Ziplining 

  • SUP & Kayak rentals and tours

  • Catamaran tours

  • Art workshops

  • Farmer’s market

  • Field trips to local eco villages

Ready to join us in the jungle?

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